Serpenti Factory

The concept of Bulgari’s Serpenti Factory unfolds as a dynamic series of activations launched in occasion of the 75th anniversary of its iconic Serpenti collection. This initiative reinterpreted one of the icons of the brand, the symbol of the Serpenti, through contemporary art, innovation, and digital interactions, serving as a bridge between a 75-year legacy and future perspectives. Collaborating with visionary artists such as Refik Anadol, Davide Quayola, and Sugwen Chung, Daniel Rozin among the others, Bulgari Factories embraced the brand’s history while pushing boundaries with new means.

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Concept Artist Selection / Collaboration Management / Contracts and City Permits / Project Management / Construction Site Supervision / Art Direction / Space Design

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Presented in global centers like Shanghai, Madrid, London, New York, and more, this comprehensive celebration featured temporary shops and displays, blending heritage with contemporary interpretations in a truly engaging experience.